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The ideal way to Go Green and save! We design solutions to suit your needs.

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Solar Solutions tailored for your project and needs.

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Energy created through solar panels is the cleanest and greenest source of renewable energy generated electricity available. As a result, there are no direct greenhouse gas emissions because the electricity is made from sunlight rather than burning fossil fuels.

Using solar generated electricity is one way to power your home, business or community building that benefits the environment. Because solar is a renewable energy success story, reducing demand for coal fired power and reducing your energy bills! 


Commercial solar solutions

Family Owned & Operated

At Pigeon House Power we pride ourselves in providing quality product & services to our regional clients. Satisfied customers are the only reason we exist! Your guaranteed of our after Sales & Service.

Ben Rudd was born and raised in Ulladulla and his ties to the region are strong. He is a qualified Electrician and holds the appropriate NSW licences and Solar Power Accreditation & Training. Pigeon House Power only supplies quality products that specifically suit our local climatic conditions. Salt resistance is often a must in the local coastal regions.

Solar Power benefits:

Apart from the obvious financial benefits, we know there are other pertinent reasons why you should convert to using solar power instead of fossil fuels.

  • Good for the environment: solar energy represents a clean, green source of energy. Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Solar power is self-sufficient and installing solar panels is a safe and easy path to contribute to a sustainable future.
  • Solar Electricity Makes Your Home Go Off-the-Grid: By investing in an average 5.3kW solar system (currently the most common domestic size), you can protect yourself against unpredictable increases in utility prices, and enjoy cheap electricity throughout the entire day – the sun will never increase its rates and it gives you energy security!
  • Low operating costs: The photovoltaic process that transforms sunlight into electricity doesn’t require any fuel and has no variable costs. You start recouping installation costs immediately.
  • Solar battery storage systems: can also compliment your needs by helping store electricity for night-time and rainy days or sudden power cuts from the network.

Solar Power Google Reviews

I am a local professional and in November 2022 Ben Rudd and his worker Lachlan installed my solar system and updated my 42-year-old electricity (meter) box which was needed. Ben presented me with a few options and recommended the one which will suit me today with future options to add to it if and when needed. Ben didn’t try to sell me more panels that I don’t need, not pushy at all. The way Ben explained what he is offering and what I need was very clear and genuine. Ben is very knowledgeable, experienced, gave me accurate, good advice and ideas that no other firm gave. Ben uses the latest state of the art components and guided me through various apps to allow me to follow my electricity production and consumption. Most of all Ben installs the panels with his team and does his wiring and work on the electricity (meter) box himself. Ben is a great electrician, he is a local tradesman who grew locally. Ben and his team are courteous, obliging, friendly, trustworthy and with a continuous smile. Ben has been recommended to me by numerous local professionals. I would highly and without hesitation recommend Ben Rudd and his firm Pigeon House Power for their workmanship, professionalism and pricing. Dr Issa Shalhoub
Dr Issa Shalhoub
We had our 5kw solar panels installed over 3 months ago by Wade and Ben from Pigeon House Power...had our first power bill 2 weeks ago and wow...huge saving...Wade and Ben were both very knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly....price was very competitive...installation was done very professionally and prompt....and offered follow up service should we have any questions or problems...was a pleasure dealing with them...would highly recommend to anyone
Pauline Immer
Pauline Immer
Home Owner - 2021

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At Pigeon House Power we can advise your best options tailored to suit your needs.
Our installations only use top quality products best suited to our local climate conditions.
Each installation is tailor made and fully guaranteed.

We Offer a FREE No Obligation Solar Power Installation quote.

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