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You can charge an Electric Vehicle either at home, at your work, or at different public locations. Our services can assist you with EV charging solutions best suited to your EV model & home power options.

EV Charging Solutions ~ supply & installation

Leading the Charge ~ EV Home Charging Solutions

At Pigeon House Power we can supply your home EV charging solution. Electric vehicle supply equipment, or “EVSE,” is actually the proper term for what many call ‘EV chargers’. We are accredited installers an you can reply on our strong after sales support.

Most EV’s supplied in Australia will come with a portable charge plug lead supplied. These chargers can be plugged into a simple household outlet, and don’t require any special installation. However, you will be unable to harness the vehicle maximum charge rate. Most household circuits will be 10amp and thus will ‘trickle charge’ the battery.

To maximise home charging of your EV it is necessary to install a specific direct wired EV Charger.
We can help you decide the best EV home charging solution based on your needs, desired budget and best suited to your existing power supply.

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We offer a range of EV chargers. If you have a particular requirement, then we will work with you to suit your needs.

Both AC and DC options are available, depending on your EV and power supply.


At Pigeon House Power we pride ourselves on quality products & services.

EV charger installation is fully warranted and will complement your existing electrical system.

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FREE MILES…who wouldn’t like that! Say goodbye to fuel bills and embrace the power from your solar system powering your EV.

MyEnergi Zappi will maximise charging & managing home usage power simultaneously.

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Solar Battery storage, Tesla Powerwall accredited installer
My Energi Zappi ev charger

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