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Pigeon House Power offers tailored commercial solar solutions to suit your business needs. Offering quality products and exemplary after sales service you can rest assured  of a local Solar Power business proudly serving your local community.

Commercial Solar Power Solutions

At Pigeon House Power we can design, supply and install your commercial solar power solution tailored to meet your business needs… and into the future!

Businesses can benefit from solar power more than anyone else! Whist a lot of homes have lower daytime energy consumption than night-time, businesses often have large predictable daytime energy consumption. This means a system can be sized accurately to meet your electricity demand. Therefore with a higher proportion of self-consumption of your solar energy, savings and return on investments can be vastly improved.

Commercial solar power costs have dramatically reduced in today’s market. If you have been thinking of how your business can ‘go green’ then commercial solar power is your solution! Pigeon House Power provide a free no obligation consultation and will work with your business to meet your power needs.

A commercial solar PV system will generate electricity at a lower cost than purchasing from a utility simply by harvesting the power of the sun!

The extensive benefits of commercial solar include:

  • Reduce the business risk of future uncertainty, such as rising power prices.
  • Benefit in immediate power cost reductions, reduced energy bills!
  • Take advantage of attractive investment returns.
  • Reduce the business carbon emissions.
  • Marketing opportunities ~ visual statement to customers, staff and stakeholders.
  • Increase asset value of your business.
  • Generous Tax incentives to aid investment in a solar system, talk to your accountant.
  • Leverage Australian Government STC Incentives – Read More.
  • ROI of commercial system have the quickest results.
Commercial solar solutions

Commercial Solar Power

Ensuring a business is running while the construction goes on is so very important. Business continuity is of the utmost, and we do our best to do the work that might affect your customers in a highly coordinated matter. Communication is key.

At Pigeon House Power you can be assured our professional team will develop an installation program to suit your business needs.

Be it big or small, your business can benefit from solar energy. Electricity costs are rising and good roof space provided by commercial properties make a solar panel system a sensible investment.

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