Solar Battery Storage solutions

Solar Battery storage solutions are all tailored to your needs.

Pigeon House Power can assist you to reduce your reliance on the grid by storing solar energy for when solar production is not available. 

Solar Battery Storage Solutions

Pigeon House Power can provide you the latest battery storage solutions. We will consult with you on site, examine your needs and determine the ideal installation to suit.

A solar system with battery storage is also known as a hybrid solar system. We can supply you with a new hybrid solar system complete with new panels or retrofit a battery to your existing solar system.

We partner with all the major battery manufacturers to be able to provide our customers with custom hybrid solar systems that match their needs. We are also currently, the only Tesla Powerwall Accredited installer based in Ulladulla.

Battery supply and installations are focused on well serviced and supported mainstream suppliers such as:

Solar power BYD Solar batteries

BYD Battery Box - Solar battery storage

Self consumption of renewable energy is the future. From single family home to commercial applications, if you can design it, you can use the Battery-Box to build it.

Solar Battery storage, Tesla Powerwall accredited installer

Tesla Power Wall - Solar battery storage

Use Powerwall alone or combine it with other Tesla products to save money, reduce your carbon footprint and prepare your home for power outages.

Victron Energy

EARTHSHIP......responsible building against climate change?
We encourage you to READ this article it will put your sustainability into perspective.

Electricity storage via batteries has been possible for a number of years, yet was primarily the sole domain of ‘Off-Grid” solutions. However today, with the fast growth in battery technology and combined with a reduction in costs, solar energy storage options have entered the average home owners ability to ‘go green’!

Solar Battery Storage Advantages

Power Independance

By installing a solar battery solution, excess energy is then stored. That excess solar electricity is available to use when required. Such as, when your solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity to meet your home’s energy needs.

Energy Cost Savings

Electricity providers have various rates, depending on the time of day. Peak costs more, thus when you have a battery, you can choose to use your stored energy when electricity is most expensive, giving you greater electric bill savings.

Reducing your carbon footprint

A major means to contribute to helping reach the Global 2050 protocols. YES, you can make a difference!
By our use of solar energy (Clean & Green), you’re doing your part to help the world keep its promise.

Solar battery storage solutions

The Quietest Solution

Often back up power is a 'generator' option, highly polluting with noise & fumes. Solar battery is the cleanest. Importantly, no need to store store flammable or explosive fuel!

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