Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions

Pigeon House Power are specialists in Off-Grid Solar solutions. We have years of experience with remote farms and residences in our Shoalhaven region. We provide top quality equipment and after sales service.

Providing lifestyle friendly & efficient off-grid power solutions.

Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions

At Pigeon House Power we can design, supply and install your off-grid solar power solution tailored to meet your needs. Off-Grid solar power costs have dramatically reduced with the advent of new technologies.

Off Grid Solar Systems also known as Stand-alone Power Systems are a great option when the grid is unavailable or restrictively expensive. 

Pigeon House Power provide a free no obligation consultation and will work with you to meet your power needs. Hence, we understand that every off-grid solar power project is unique, so our systems are custom-designed to suit each customer’s needs. We take the design process very seriously, and one off our off-grid experts will invest a significant amount of time with you to assess your project. With this approach we can guarantee that the system will meet your needs without paying more than you need too!

We know the key to off-grid solar power is to examine key factors, such as:

  • Site solar exposure – Climate, location,  orientation & shading.
  • Your daily average energy consumption (kWh) – Summer and winter
  • The peak load (kW) – maximum power usage drawn from appliances
  • What backup power options you need to cover weather or shutdown interruptions
  • The battery inverter-charger is the heart and brains of the power system. Its primary job is to supply ‘pure sine wave’ AC power. Thus essential it meets the power requirements of the appliances under all conditions.
  • Off-grid power involves a lot more than purchasing a “one size fits all” solar battery system.

Typical components required for stand alone, off-grid power are a combination of:

  • Solar panels
  • Charge controller/s
  • Batteries – storage
  • Inverters – mppt solar controller ( NB: a good quality inverter-charger is vital to building a reliable off-grid system)
  • Back up options – generator, depending on your needs?

Designing an off-grid solar system is not easy, they are many times more complicated than common grid-connected solar systems. Off-grid systems used for homes and businesses need to be carefully designed by an experienced off grid electrician. At Pigeon House Power you have that design, supply, installation & back-up servicing guarantee.

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They have a wealth of relevant information to help guide you. Call Ben or Wade for more information.

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