Residential Solar Power Solutions

Pigeon House Power can supply & install residential solar power solutions to suit your needs. We advise on how your home can utilise the Aust. Gov’t STC Incentives for solar installation.

1 in 4 Australian homes now have Solar Power!

Residential Solar Power Solutions

At Pigeon House Power we can design, supply and install your solar power solution tailored to meet your home needs… and into the future!

Be part of the solar revolution. By installing a roof top solar system, you can be one of the many Australians benefiting from their solar system. Our sun burnt country has the best conditions for solar and is a proven investment for you and your family, and by using a reputable solar company you can ensure many years of savings.

Residential solar power costs have dramatically reduced in today’s market. If you have been thinking of how your home can ‘go green’ then residential solar power is your solution! Pigeon House Power provide a free no obligation consultation and will work with you to meet your power needs.

A residential solar PV system will generate electricity at a lower cost than purchasing from a utility simply by harvesting the power of the sun!

The extensive benefits of solar include:

  • Reduce the future increase of utility based power prices.
  • Benefit in immediate power cost reductions, reduced energy bills!
  • Reduce your home carbon emissions.
  • Leverage Australian Government STC Incentives – We complete all the necessary applications for you!
  • Increase asset value of your home.
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Return on Investment – for a majority of our customers it is 2-4yrs with a product lifetime of 20+ years
  • If you also opt for batteries, you eliminate power outages. If designed as off-grid, then never pay a power bill again…total self sufficiency!
Solar Power Resources to help homeowners:
Residential solar installation by Pigeon House Power

Residential Solar Installation

At Pigeon House Power you can be assured our professional team will develop an installation program to suit your home needs.

We can advise regarding the Aust. Gov't Solar Incentive scheme. All our quotes will take those incentives into calculation.

Be it big or small, your house can benefit from solar energy. Electricity costs are rising and utilising roof space allows a solar panel system to be a cost effective investment. You may also like to compliment the panels with battery storage......just ask us?

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